Once an SAI, always an SAI.  Did you know that once you were initiated, you automatically became a lifetime member?  It is interesting to hear women speak about how they "were" a member in college.  The scope of SAI goes way beyond the university.  Alumnae members are very active in the community.  They sing and play instruments, teach in the public schools and colleges, compose music, conduct orchestras and choruses, provide support for various college chapters, and, in addition, find the time to care for families and loved ones, as well as joining us for meetings.  Together we form the Cincinnati Alumnae chapter which strives to encourage, nurture, and support the art of music and to support our sisters in their professions.  Consider affiliating with us, to make SAI become a part of your life again!

For more information, contact our VP Membership Kaitlyn Christman.

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